Safety Recommendations

Dear visitor,

A goodwill and trust relationship is essential between our users who post and call on our site.
However, when purchasing or renting a vehicle, you should be careful about the following issues in order to avoid negative situations
  • *Never send money without meeting the seller face to face. Do not accept requests to send money for deposit without seeing the vehicle or the property / product to be rented.

  • *Do not make a deposit or similar payment for any reason without seeing the real estate / vehicle you will buy or rent, and / or do not buy a real estate / vehicle.

  • *Do not make money transfers to people you do not know using TR ID numbers and mobile phone numbers.

  • *Make the money payment and the product delivery (real estate / vehicle transfer) at the same time.

  • *Get detailed information from the seller about the real estate / vehicle you are interested in.

  • *With the license plate number of the vehicle, check whether there is any disenfranchisement (seized, pledged, etc.) on the vehicle or on the property.

  • *Make sure that the engine and chassis number on the registration certificate of the vehicle you will purchase match the engine and chassis number on the vehicle. Check the vehicle's service records.

  • *Do not share your personal data and membership information (identity number, credit card data, etc.) with anyone.

  • *In the event that you cannot receive the goods / products as a result of making any prepayment or deposit payment, website has no legal responsibility.

When you encounter a negative situation, you can go to the nearest Police Department and complain about the relevant people.

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